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  1. inquiry Vientiane Laos hotel
    ill b n Udon Thani & want 2 go to Vientiane Laos (it’s real close to Udon Thani) want 2 stay there 2 days Aug 9th & 10th
    question need hotel & transport there & back………..want 2 stay n the action area of the city red light district
    can u recommend a hotel
    budget $$ per night approx. $85.00 USD
    await ur reply
    Mr. O’Connor

  2. Hello, Bob!

    I have never been to Vientiane – I’m a bit envious.

    You don’t mention having any uncertainty about the Lao Visa process, so I am taking for granted that you’ve already got that part worked out.

    To be honest, I don’t know just where the “red light” district is in Vientiane. This post from early this year at VirtualTourist was rather interesting: MEN!!! BEWARE OF AGGRESSIVE PROSTITUTES.

    This guy’s experience as presented on TravelPod almost two years earlier suggests similar aggressiveness by prostitutes: Got a room in Vientiane’s Red Light District.

    Check out what Retire-Asia.com has to say about Vientiane, Laos – City Nightlife, Clubs, Sex and Lao Family Life. If you go to the Accommodation link, you’ll eventually find yourself at TripAdvisor’s hotel page for Vientiane where you can click a link to Explore all 144 hotels in Vientiane. That should keep you busy!

    A number of hotels are listed on this map, if you can make sense of it.

    And if you don’t have your Visa worked out, Retire-Asia.com goes into enormous detail here. (Check out what Mut Mee Guest House right there on the Mekong River in Nong Khai has to say about the Lao Tourist Visa – it would be great if it’s really that simple!)

    As for getting there from Udon Thani, some of that is covered in Wikitravel’s article on Vientiane in its section Get in. You might also refer to what they have to say in their Get out section, too.

    There was this article from March 2: New bus service to Laos.

    Scroll down this page at UdonMap for an Udon Thani – Vientiane bus schedule, as well as related Visa information.

    I think what’s probably important to keep in mind is that if you’re trying to bus directly to Vientiane, then you had best have your Lao Visa in hand. No bus is too likely to wait around long while a passenger tries to initiate the whole process right on the spot at the border.

    I hope I got all the links set up correctly, and that something here helps you!

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