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udon thani buses

udon thani buses
is there a vip bus from airport to udon thani?

can anybody tell me, is there a 999 vip bus from suvarnabhumi airport to udon thani, or any vip bus ! thanks….

Yes. Bus no. 825 runs the following route:

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Nakhonratchasima – Khonkhaen – Udonthani – Nongkhai

If you’re headed to Udon Thani for the purpose of crossing into Laos you should stay on until the bus terminates at Nongkhai.

udon thani busesudon thani buses
udon thani buses


There are now two bus stations in the City (as at Nov 2011). The usual one in the city centre near Central Plaza, and now another on the outskirts of town on the road in from Loei towards NongKhai. Tuk Tuk into town some B80 from here.

Buses from Bangkok (Morchit), an 8-hour journey, arrive at the BKS station in the city.

Buses depart at least once per hour after 11AM to Nong Khai (20 baht, 1 hour, non-airconditioned 3rd class) on the Lao border. Buses from Nong Khai may drop you off north of the city. Follow the locals and hop on the waiting #6 songthaew to the bus station or take a tuk-tuk.

There are six express buses a day direct to the Morning Market in Vientiane (80 baht, 2 hours, air-con 1st class departures at 8AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM). These cross-border buses will carry passengers who have not obtained their Lao visas in advance, but may not wait long enough at the border for a visa on arrival to be applied for and issued. This isn’t a problem when the queues are short, but at busy times passengers who don’t already have their visas may be left behind and have to continue by local bus or tuk-tuk.

Udon Thani has a bus-like network of numbered pick up trucks with 2 benches in the back songthaews; cost is 8 or 10 baht per trip (10 baht outside ringroad).

There are limited city bus routes.


Buses for Udon leave Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit 2 Bus Terminal) throughout the day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. The journey takes around 10 to 11 hours and the fare is 145 bahts for regular buses (260 bahts for air-conditioned buses). Contact Transport Co. Ltd at Tel: 0-2936-2852-66 for more information.

Buses leave the main bus terminal in Khorat every half hour during the day and arrive in Udon five hours later. The cost is 81 bahts for regular buses (146 bahts for air-conditioned buses).

There are buses running between Udon Thani and other provinces such as Nong Khai, Loei, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and Ubon Ratchathani. The buses leave Udon Thani Bus Terminal every 40 minutes.

From Lonely Planet:

For most destinations, including Bangkok’s Northern bus terminal (air-con 443B, eight hours, every 15 minutes), buses use Udon’s old bus terminal (0 4222 1489; Th Sai Uthit) or the street in front of it. Other air-con buses include those to Khorat (193B, 4½ hours, every 20 minutes), Sakon Nakhon (109B, 3½ hours, every 15 minutes), Khon Kaen (104B, 2½ hours, every 20 minutes), Pattaya (504B, 10 hours, 10 daily) and Vientiane (80B, two hours, six daily; you must already have a Lao visa). Many companies, including 999 VIP (0 4222 1489) and Roongprasert Tour (0 4234 3616), operate 24-seat VIP buses (640B) to Bangkok in the evening.

The new bus terminal (0 4224 7788) is on the Ring Rd on the western outskirts of the city (take the Yellow Bus or sǎwngthǎew 6) and has buses to western destinations, including Loei (ordinary/air-con 60/110B, three hours, every 30 minutes) and Chiang Mai (air-con/32-seat VIP 563/657B, 12 hours, eight daily).

For Nong Khai (ordinary 40B, one hour) you can use either terminal, but the most frequent departures are from Rungsina Market.

And from MaxTravelz:

Buses from Bangkok, an 8-hour ride, arrive at the BKS station to the north of the city. There are departures at least once per hour to Nong Khai (20 baht, 1 hour, non-aircon 3rd class) on the Lao border, and four express buses a day direct to Vientiane (80 baht, air-con 1st class).

Buses from Nong Khai may drop you off north of the city. Follow the locals and hop on the waiting #6 songthaew for the ride to the bus station, or be left at the tender mercies of the tuk-tuk mafia.

Udon Thani has a bus-like network of numbered songthaews; cost is 7 baht per trip. has a North East (Isan) Bus Timetables, but the darn thing doesn’t even list Udon Thani — whose block-headed notion was that, I wonder?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) website has information on the Thai-Lao International Bus Service, including schedules.

For a great photo-essay of Udon Thani’s buses, refer to a post in the blog Thai Mass Transport Systems from February 10, 2010, titled Udon Thani’s Mass Transit System.

Here are a selection of a few other websites you might find of some interest:

Suvarnabumi International Airport’s bus terminal operates a coach service to Nong Khai, leaving at 21:00 hours, and its route travels via Korat, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. The fare to Udon Thani is around 500 baht and the

Publish Date: 02/01/2012 23:40

An after breakfeast, the owner drove us again in to Udon Thani bus station. He din´t take a bat- “service he said”. The price was 29$ the night/room. The setting is peaceful and quiet, close to nature. We enjoyed our stay and

Publish Date: 01/20/2012 15:42

Udon Thani is around 56km from Nong Kai. Nong Kai is bordered to Laos across the “Friendship” bridge and you can drive or take a bus directly to Laos from Udon Thani Bus Station (which is quite an old station). This V.I.P

Publish Date: 10/05/2011 23:24

It was in the bus station of Udon Thani, north-east Thailand, on the way to the village of my friend Yao. The water festival (Songkran) was just starting. Watching kids playing with water, attacking the bus passengers was quite

Publish Date: 01/02/2012 1:49

13h00: Have the bus to depart for Thailand’s second city is Noong Khai and Udon Thani. To Huu Nghi border gate, exit procedures to Thailand. After completing the procedures, car take you through the famous Friendship

Publish Date: 12/29/2011 20:29

4D / 3N Laos Travel Itinerary ============================= Day 1 – 18th December 2006 ————————– Singapore – Bangkok – Udon Thani — Vientiane 7.45AM: Singapore Changi International Airport, Budget

Publish Date: 02/10/2012 9:42

The new route is a result of cooperation between the Department of Land Transport of Thailand and the Department Public Works and Transport of Laos. Other bus routes are: • Udon Thani-Vientiane;. • Nong Khai- Vientiane;

Publish Date: 01/23/2012 23:55

The Napalai Hotel is situated on Pracharaksa Road and is approximately a five minute drive from Udon Thani Airport and 15 minutes from both the city’s train station and main bus terminal. The Napalai also provides a free

Publish Date: 01/13/2012 0:00

Bus Barn #2, Udon Thani. This photo also appears in. Udon Thani City, Thailand (Set) · FILM CAMERAS ONLY! (Group) · Film is not Dead!! (Group) · Udon Thani Thailand (Group)

Publish Date: 09/03/2011 8:25

Life in Isaan – Udon Thani | Kitiyas Thailand

Udon Thani does have an airport with regular flights to Bangkok, but unfortunately flying between the local Isaan provinces is not always available which is where the local bus station is useful. It is fairly easy to get a coach

Publish Date: 01/05/2012 8:20

We hadn’t booked any accommodation in Udon Thani andended up in a hotel just across from the central bus station, kicking back with some beers waiting for our fourth – CK – to join us. Interesting note – the accommodation

Publish Date: 01/27/2012 4:41

There are buses from all directions to Nong Khai. Overnight “VIP” bus services leave from Bangkok in the evening and take about ten hours to get here. From Chiang Mai there is an overnight bus service which arrives in Udon Thani in the

Publish Date: 11/30/2009 23:59

Here in Udon Thani we don’t have a beach (although we do have a lot of bars here), the nearest one is Pattaya, but it will end up taking you a long journey to get there, around 12 hours by bus. If you decide to fly from Udon

Publish Date: 11/05/2011 7:05

Buses for the 1.5 hour trip to the Friendship Bridge leave Udon Thani’s central bus station every couple of hours, at a cost of around 100 baht. No matter how crowded the bus may be, politely insist that you carry your bag with

Publish Date: 07/31/2011 5:39

Up in the morning on the 28th to get the bus from Vientiane to Udon Thani, Thailand. Interesting side line that we have figured out along the way, is that in some cases it is MUCH cheaper to go directly to the public bus station

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Up early for the bus…8 bells. Had to make my flight in Phuket, 2 hour bus ride, to Udon Thani way up north on the lao border. It started off great with the bus driver bring’n me the port instead of the bus station, luckly a girl that

Publish Date: 02/09/2011 3:27

Do buses run from Udon Thani to Sukhothai? Thailand?

I’m planning my route for my trip around thailand, and just wondering if there are buses that run from Udon Thani to Sukhothai

Here is a web link from someone who did this same trip with all bus schedules for you.

in the bus (Udonthani — nonkhai )

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