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udon thani swimming pool builders

Although the thread is from 2006 and thus rather dated, the overview that was presented in it on this forum may be helpful if you have never had experience with swimming pool construction before: building a swimming pool in udon thani. Just do not expect much relevance with the quoted costs. However, for true depth, an ongoing thread that was begun back in December of that same year should be referenced: EVERYTHING you NEED to know for your first SWIMMING POOL. As the original poster says:

I occasionally come back and update this article and the last update is 27 Mar. 2009. Where I have quoted prices however, you may now need to add anything between 15 and 20% as steel, diesel and petrol went up by over 50% in mid 2008 and it has had an impact on prices. Now that fuel and steel price shave dropped just as dramatically, pool constructors have not reduced their prices again, thus benefiting from the wider profit margin. Only one constructor, a consultancy offering a panoply of real estate and corporate solutions for foreigners at reasonable prices, maintains a policy of adjusting its prices in keeping with the flux in the cost of raw materials, and traveling expenses.

Note that the same poster also offered this in 2007: Swimmimg Pool Constructionin Isaan.

You can also learn very much from a 2009 post on the SiamConsulting forum: Pool CONSTRUCTION. Very helpful! Much the same was offered under A Rose With Any Name at

As for an Udon Thani firm in the pool construction business, one was introduced back in 2008 on the NongKhaiMap forum: Desjoyaux Swimming Pools. I don’t know if the Pattaya-based T & T Construction will be of value, but they claim they operate throughout Thailand.

Udon Landfill offers themselves as excavators.

The UdonMap forum has a few threads. From 2009, someone seeking a construction contact name: Swimming pool. This past February saw the start of this thread: Swimming pool costs in Thailand. Back in 2008: Swimming Pool Installation Companies.

UdonMap also profiled GDL Pools Udon Thani and JD Pools Udon Thani.

udon thani swimming pool builders

Udon Country Club Thailand – English

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The Country Club Udon Thailand is emerging in the Udon Thani province in northeastern Thailand. Here, 24 luxurious villas will be built. Within the residential complex is the clubhouse, pool area and restaurant. A small supermarket is also available. This video review is interested in buying an overview of design and construction type of the plant.

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