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  1. Thailand has 41 ethics, and the ruling ethic is Tai Shan who naturally has white skin, and originally lived north in the south China. Shan or Siam. All Thai kings are shan or siam and have white skin. Thai chinese is still a fake idea, because percentage of chinese blood in all parts of thailand is not yet counted accurately. Chinese-isaan are black skin and work as prostitutes. All chinese immigrants in Thailand are southern chinese who are small in size, not big. But Tai shan are white skin and very tall. Prime Minister Taksin and the first thai female Yingluck is tai yuan of white skin for 85%; with some han chinese of just 15 percent, his physical appearance is close to Tai Yuan of white skin. and Siam conquerred the southeast asia from Khmer Empire which has been reduced to small size as today Kampucha, and Siam conquerred Malay Pinisula in the South (phuket) from Malaysia, about 250 years ago. Southeast Asia aborigines have dark skin, and were forced under rule by Tai Shan or Siam to be thai nationality. The dark skin in the south or Phuket is in fact malay ethic or the former land of malaysia, and the dark skin in the northeast Isaan are in fact dark skin southeast asian aborigine even mixed with chinese ethic immigrant, not thai ethic. Worthy of note all prostitutes or bar girls are dark skin issan or malay ethics, while Thai or siam kings are white skin like northern tai shan.

  2. I appreciate that you took the bother to express your views — it obviously was not just a quick comment that you just dashed together. You put some effort into it.

    My background knowledge is far too incomplete to offer any critique, so I shall simply publish what you voiced.

    Thanks again!

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