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There are most definitely bars in Isaan; and there are bars outside of Isaan that are staffed primarily by Isaan girls, which would by large measure have to make them Isaan bars, as well.

Now, with that said, I have absolutely no intention to try and present a review of specific bars — that would be an impossible task. Even if I lived in Thailand, I could spend a full day in a different bar trying to make such a review, and spend the remainder of my life in this futile project.

I think all I shall do is point you to the thoughts and opinions of other Farangs on Isaan bars and the girls who staff them.

Now, please, please, please — think for yourself when you read any of these ‘reports.’

Does typical bar girl takes customer to see their parents ?

My bar girl asked me for 3000 baht to give to her mom in Suphan Buri. Then she takes me to see them. Does this happens alot or I’m just a special customer ? BTW are there alot of bar girl from Suphan Buri area ?

Bar girls are people – Each one and each situation is different. Likely she wants you to feel sorry for her/her parents and hopefully give even more. Only you can be the judge of your own situation. It is up to you to give or not. Whether she likes you as a friend or customer – who knows? And actually I have met few from Suphan Buri – most from Isaan.

ps – the imitator above claims to be American but uses the British “mum” – what a joke. And so unoriginal.

Isaan bar

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