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As Wikipedia explains: Luk Thung (Thai: ลูกทุ่ง; lit. “child/children of the fields”) refers to the most popular form of a style of music found in Thailand. The term is short for pleng luk thung (Thai: เพลงลูกทุ่ง; lit. “song of a child of the fields”).

The blog MonRakPlengThai has the following concerning a famous Thai movie in this genre:

Mon rak luk thung movie poster

Mon rak luk thung movie poster

The film “mon rak luk thung” is considered a landmark of both thai cinema & thai popular music; its unprecedented 6 month run in bangkok upon release in 1970 (พ.ศ. 2513) represented an increasing fondness for pleng luk thung in the capitol. the story is set in a rural village and concerns the romance between a poor farmer and the daughter of a rich landowner (played by mit chaibancha & phetchara chaowarat). taking a cue from hindi films, the action is interspersed with musical numbers, many of which feature the original singers picturising their own tunes. and the tunes are in top form! featuring the work of famed songwriter ไพบูลย์ บุตรขัน (phaibun butkhan) & his team, many of these songs are pop standards, with dozens of recorded versions. the film itself also has a number of iterations, most notably as the basis of a tv serial drama (ละคร or ‘lakhon’) of the same name. please enjoy these unforgettable songs!

Note that it has a link (click on tracklist) that takes you to a site where you can download the full movie musical soundtrack.

Another site offers the download to a pair of companion albums called Luk Thung Apocalypse and Luk Thung Apocalypse 2.

You might enjoy radio.video.TRAD‘s excerpts of relevant information on this style of music collected from various sites, while listening to some music samples that will automatically play once you are at the site.

CNNGo has a report on March 31, 2010, titled Return of luk thung: The old Thai country music revival continues.

As well, it reports on a very special music store located in Bangkok’s MBK: Mae Mai Pleng Thai: The classics are back.

Classics like those found at Mae Mai Pleng Thai, can be heard in Bangkok DJ Maft Sais sets.

Classics like those found at Mae Mai Pleng Thai, can be heard in Bangkok DJ Maft Sai's sets.

This book review for TEARS OF THE TRUCK DRIVER is of interest.

Country Music In Thailand: Luk Thung, Maw Lum, Kantrum

John Charles Clewley

Tears of the Truck Driver is the first book in English on Thai country music, or ‘Pleng Luk Thung’, a genre of music that is amazingly popular across the kingdom. Rooted in the daily lives of the urban poor and rural peasantry, pleng luk thung reflects the hopes, joys, pain and pleasure of truck drivers, maids, factory workers and rice farmers.

Tears of the Truck Driver takes the reader on a journey of discovery into the passionate heart of pleng luk thung, from the early days of pleng talat, pleng phudee and pleng lae, forerunners of the LT style, to the emergence of legendary stars like Surapon Sombatchareon in the 1950s, the Golden Era of the 1970s, electronic luk thung of the 1980s, the luk thung Isaan and maw lum sing revolution, the 1990s luk thung revival and the current crop of LT megastars.

John Clewley is a former lecturer of Chulalongkorn University. He writes the ‘World beat’ column for the Bangkok Post and is the Southeast Asia correspondent/photographer for the UK-based ‘World Music’ magazine, Songlines. He recently contributed chapters on the music of Thailand, Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia for both the Rough Guide to World Music and the Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World.

A softcover with 240 pages and just as many illustrations! Wow!

By the way, you can read an article by this author that was published either December 6 or else June 12 (why does such ambiguous dating exist???), 2009, in the Bangkok Post that is titled Concert pays tribute to Pumpuang Duangjan, Thailand’s greatest female luk thung singer. I think it gives a good insight into John Clewley.

The Women Learning Thai Website has a December 9, 2009, interview with Farang practitioners of Thai music, Jonas Anderson and Christy Gibson. They discuss this music style.

A browse of ZudRangMa Records’ MySpace page may well entertain you, once you work at figuring out how to negotiate you way around on it!

And I see that they are helping to sponsor a “party” very soon (August 14, 2010) at the “Cafe de Moc – corner of Democracy Monument.”

ZudRangMa Records & The Right Side Of Left presents

PARADISE BANGKOK 7, Rajah Pleng Luk Thung
Music From Off The Beaten Track.

‘Djs Maft Sai and Chris Menist combine their ‘ZudRangMa’ and ‘Right Side of Left’ radio shows into a new live experience, to bring you the broadest selection of music in Bangkok: from tough Jamaican roots, and raw Funk to the deepest Molam and Far Eastern Psyche, ‘Paradise Bangkok 7’ is the seventh of a series of unique events in the Thai capital. Bring dancing shoes and an open mind!

pleng luk thung

two faces of thailand: a musical portrait (part 3)

peterd86 | October 06, 2009

dir. jeremy marre
the 14th entry in shanachie’s “beats of the heart” series, this film focuses on the world of thai popular culture circa 1983. examining royal jazz, marching bands, liké theatre, pleng muay, luk thung & thai sakon among others, this documentary is a fascinating look into the musical life of thailand.


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