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I frequently post something about both of these styles of music, as you would discover if you referred back to previous posts. And I am not alone in this — many websites discuss the music, or else list videos embedded from YouTube that showcase artists performing the music. One site I had not previously come across is DokJumpah – Apsara World Music : Language is Music. This blogger is an infrequent poster, unfortunately, nor is the blog limited to sampling just Thai music. Nonetheless, I think you will probably enjoy the musical samples on offer — and be sure to click the Luktung and Morlum links at the top of the page.

Another site featuring YouTube videos of this style of music is Mekong Music — click on either the Morlum/Morlam or Luktung/Lukthung links near the top of the page to go to the pages featuring YouTube video samples. But as with the previous site, you might enjoy exploring other elements there.

A site that serves as a search engine for musical styles is Veengle. When you enter a search term like ‘Morlam,’ do not forget to also try variations like ‘Morlum’ — the results are going to be quite different. The same for ‘Mor lam’ — try different variation possibilities. It is similar for ‘Luktung’ — try each variation you can imagine. From the look of things, you could spend days viewing videos on this site!

The previous site will be hard to match for quantity. However, you might enjoy the limited offerings on LaoMusic.la — select the Classic, Luktung, Morlum category which says it contains 63 entries as of the day of this post edit (October 21, 2011).

Yet another video search engine is available on World News. As I explained about the site Veengle, using different variations of your search term will yield different video collections — so try ‘Lukthung’ and ‘Lukthung’ and so forth, and do not just settle for the results of one try (although one try will still have many, many hours of results to watch).

There is also a French site you can try searches on: fr.getalyric.com. Use variations of your search terms once again — and even combine them, as in ‘luktung morlum’ — so many possibilities! But be sure to select Ecouter (Chansons) in the other drop down box, or you are only going to probably see one result at best. In other words, do NOT leave ****all**** in the box, or you are going to be very disappointed. When I searched with the term ‘luktung’ and left ****all**** in the other box, I was provided with just one video. When I selected Ecouter (Chansons), there were 1,000 videos! So be smart, folks, and pay attention.

One last video search engine I will suggest is Hala Video. You have to try and use different versions of your key search terms, for often the site doesn’t search properly. I tried both ‘lukthung’ and ‘morlum’ several times before finally getting many, many pages of results. Just don’t give up. My attempts with ‘morlam’ kept producing nothing, but the first time I tried ‘mor lam’ instead, many pages of videos showed up. Maybe ‘morlam’ just isn’t a recognized category — I tried ‘Morlam’ and got the pages of results I was after. So be persistent — in this one case, the capital letter seemed to make all the difference!

And have fun!

morlam looktung

Phongsavanh Saiyavong – Lao Music Looktung

Uploaded by poosaolao on May 9, 2010

Music by Phongsavanh Saiyavong. One of the best Lao singer based in the US.

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