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It is unfortunate that websites like Last.fm insist on a visitor having a membership before it is possible to listen to any of the members’ radio streams. I refuse to join something blindly. If I knew there was actually something worth listening to, then it would be different. But I will not be held hostage…I move on. You can choose for yourself, however: “mor lam” music on Last.fm. It might be worthwhile…or prove to be a waste of time.

I am listening to a website called play.fm — specifically, a ‘DJ Set ‘ by member Muzikfranz — that is supposed to be a collection of “Crazy Shit │ Lovesongs │ Luk Thung │ Khmer music │ Mor lam .” It’s sort of okay, but he further describes it as “Khmer music from the 60ies & 70ies Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron, and other artists found on my trip through cambodia. ” I wouldn’t expect much Mor Lam to be buried away in it, but who knows? It appears that the collection is a total of just 38 seconds shy of two hours in duration. So far, I’ve heard a couple of old early-1960s rock songs that I have recognized, and sung in — I guess — Cambodian. Ahh! No — my Isaan wife assures me that the few songs she overheard are Thai — songs from her mother’s era. Anyway, anyone can listen, it seems; but to know who is singing any specific performance, it is necessary log in as a member via Facebook. At any rate, I have now played the full session without any hiccups, so it gets my recommendation for that.

I don’t know of any actual online radio stations that play Mor Lam, unfortunately. I am sure many include it, but I doubt that you will find one that plays it exclusively.

If you are into surfing for them, maybe try the following suggestions: Atimemedia.com; ThaiWebRadioCity; Kapook Music; Thai Music; PRD Radio Thailand; and Thailand stations.

Here are a few related websites you may find of some interest — this is a June 9 (2012) post edit, by the way:

In recent years there has been a great deal of cross-pollination between Mor Lam and Luk Thung. Both now share many of the same popular singers, and are played on the same radio stations. The fact that Luk Thung is more …

Publish Date: 01/05/2012 13:55


Mor Lam and Marquee Moon. 17 Jun. One of the aspects of Thai culture that I’m hoping to learn more about while I’m in Thailand is mor lam. mor lam is a style of music that often gets described as “Thai country music”, but that’s a really, really bad descriptor, as it brings up ideas of American country music and mor lam is certainly its own thing. … Nothing else that came over the radio or that I threw on in the car seemed to really pique their interest at all. I don’t know anything about the …

Publish Date: 06/19/2011 23:11


You’re most likely to come across it in Bangkok during a taxi ride as many drivers — who typically come from up-country –- keep their radio stations set to listen to a steady stream of Luk Thung and its folk music cousin, Mor

Publish Date: 01/28/2012 23:36


Though his records cannot be downloaded online, those who are curious about what Morlam and “Morlam mixes” sound like, Maft Sai also runs a twice-a-month radio show on his website. There are also recorded sessions in

Publish Date: 08/18/2009 4:32


They were concerts to air the sounds and lyrics of ‘mor lam‘, a genre that has its roots in this rice-growing rural belt of north-east Thailand. In the afternoon of May 9, as the 48-year-old Wanida was belting out one of her ‘mor lam‘ songs with an almost rap-music like quality, screaming into the microphone, then breaking into a melody, it was picked up live by a community radio here. The radio station broadcast her Bangkok performance to listeners in villages beyond the

Publish Date: 05/25/2010 0:00


drei Klasse Morlam Songs. RockSalang Tausendfüßler. RockSalang Isaan Morlam Song WEB RADIO SIAM Mai 2012 · drei Klasse Morlam Songs · Besuch im Krankenhaus von SiChomphu (Districttown)… ► April (4)

Publish Date: 05/05/2012 14:37


On another day I visited Jenphop Jopgrabuanwan, a former Luk Thung singer who now runs a community radio station (also available online)/CD shop, and generously answers questions about the history of the genre for anyone interested. For those who know Luk Thung well, I apologize for any explanatory reductions in talking about Luk Thung and Mor Lam. There’s plenty more to say about the huge differences between these styles, but for the sake of clarity they

Publish Date: 02/08/2011 7:45


A growing list of lukthung / morlam / thai country links… Record Labels Warning : Lukthung record company websites are on the whole not very good! GMM ARATiST – Gateway to Entertainment · R-Siam · Nopporn Group

Publish Date: 10/17/2007 15:12


When Pompuang died in 1992, many observers felt that luk thung would die with her, but it persisted and, with the advent of the first all luk thung radio station in 1997, soon saw a major revival. Mor lam. There is a large minority of Laotians in

Publish Date: 07/07/2008 0:00


I first heard Thai luk thung and mor lam music just a few years ago on releases by the stellar record labels Subliminal Sounds, Sublime Frequencies and ZudRangMa. I soaked it up and inquired deeper. Luk thung (translation: “children of the fields”) is country music that is thick and I hear sounds blasting from tiny radios over the sputter of tuk-tuk engines. It’s country music to a city beat. Memories of far northern rice fields: emerald lushness and morning fog flowing

Publish Date: 04/28/2011 14:06


mor lam radio

Lum Ban Xork Morlum Latsamy ລໍາລາວ Savannakhet แคน Khaen by Jonny Olsen

Uploaded by MawlumMawkhaenFarang on Jan 31, 2011

This is original Lao traditional folk music without any kind of electronic instruments. Khaen with Lum is the real authentic Lao music. This was all spur of the moment and was not rehearsed. Jonny just met with this family and decided to just jam along for fun. Morlum Latsamy is from Ban Xork village and she is famous for singing Lum Ban Xork (Traditional Lao Folk Music). She has two younger sisters who also sing Morlum and you can see them in the other videos. Khaen by Jonny Olsen in Savannakhet, Laos

Mor-Lath le mawialt: Contes So-Lam du Troisième Monde (Volume 9) (French Edition)

Mor-Lath le mawialt: Contes So-Lam du Troisième Monde (Volume 9) (French Edition)


Mor-Lath, un jeune mawialt, se voit confié par son père deux petites tâches anodines. Par contre, la grande cité de Rein-Ruof intimide beaucoup Mor-Lath par son côté très cosmopolite, où les mawialtish ne sont pas les bienvenus. Est-ce que l’imposante cité et les préjugés de ses habitants vont empêcher Mor-Lath d’accomplir ses tâches? Ce livre de 28 pages est un conte pour tous. …

Mor-Lath the mawialt: So-Lam tales of the Third World (Volume 9)

Mor-Lath the mawialt: So-Lam tales of the Third World (Volume 9)


Mor-Lath, a young mawialt, has two small, insignificant errands entrusted to him by his father. However, the big city of Rein-Ruof greatly intimidates Mor-Lath with its cosmopolitan side, where the mawialtish are not welcome. Will the imposing city and the prejudices of its inhabitants prevent Mor-Lath from performing his tasks? This 28-page juvenile fiction is a tale for all ages. Adults will ta…

The Well-Tempered Clavier: Books I and II, Complete (Dover Music for Piano)

The Well-Tempered Clavier: Books I and II, Complete (Dover Music for Piano)


“His art was of an encyclopedic nature, drawing together and surmounting the techniques, the styles, and the general achievements of his own and earlier generations and leading to a new perspective.” — Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians.This informed assessment of the genius of Bach’s works can be applied with greatest accuracy to The Well-Tempered Clavier. This highly influential work is…

Kung Fu Mahjong, Vol. 3: Final Duel

Kung Fu Mahjong, Vol. 3: Final Duel


The third time is most definitely the charm in this third and final installment of the Kung Fu Mahjong series! Ken is expected to inherit the fortunes of his father Uncle Man, known as the Grandmaster of Kung Fu Mahjong. When Uncle Man suffers a heart att…

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