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There is a good background piece in Wikipedia under the entry Dance and theater of Laos that has a short section on Laos Morlam.

Lam Lao (ລຳລາວ) or morlam (ໝໍລຳ [mɔ̌ː lám]) is the general descriptor for Lao folk music, which at its most basic level consists of the singer/story-teller and the khene (ແຄນ [kʰɛ́ːn]). In Isan, both terms are interchangeable, but in Laos, morlam only refers to the singer. Troupes travel around like minstrels performing at various locales. There are many regional styles, depending on the local tone contours and preferred instrumentation and melodies. The music that accompanies a lam lao performance may also include various types of percussion, fiddles, lutes, xylophones, or oboes as well as some that are more characteristic of classical ensembles. Lyrics are drawn from old poetry, classical stories, or improvised according to the complicated tonal rhyming patterns of the verse and can range from topics as serious as religious sermons and Jataka tales to sometimes bawdy verses about love and sex.[5] Although the performances themselves are not necessarily theatrical, the closest being the exchanges of witty repartées in alternating verses or songs between a male and a female morlam who pretend to fall in love before departing or friends who try to outwit each other. The songs are interspersed with dance numbers, comedic routines, ham acting, and teasing between the performers and the audience.[6]

Please note that Wikipedia’s entry for Mor lam is thorough, as you will see if you refer to it.

Some great background on Morlam Music can also be found at The Academic Film Archive of North America.

10 samples of Lao Morlum are available for listening at this Laopress page.

A half-dozen songs will automatically play if you visit this page.

Some video examples of Lao Morlam can be found here on

A few more are here on

Many more videos culled from YouTube have been embedded here on Voobys.

laos morlam

lao mor lam

saolaoZoveR | February 04, 2007

this is nice lao dong

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