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  1. Oh, believe me, Isaan is where I long to be!

    I’ve come across your blog before, by the way. I envy you being able to Retire as you did. It is what I would have done…had I not gotten married in 2005 in Udon Thani, and brought my wife to Canada the following year. Her two sons joined us in September, 2008. She wants them to finish high school here, so I’m stuck — the youngest kid is only in Grade VIII, so four more years after this school term.

    Complicating matters is that I am not getting younger, by any means — you happened to post your comment on my birthday, October 11. I am 61 today.

    There are other serious concerns in play that I won’t openly broadcast here.

    I sincerely appreciate your compliment about the site — I seem to spend hours on it each day, trying to find information to post. It’s tough — especially since I haven’t been able to afford to go back there since I got married in 2005. I have been too busy trying to hold my job all that while, and meantime fund my own wife’s trips back and forth.

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